Murat Can Bilgincan reporting

Teaser: Disappearing Profession?

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The post-production of our art exhibition Teaser is finally complete! Youtube subtitles are available. Please make sure you have turned Close Captioning on. Hope you’ll enjoy it…

It’s now time to wrap up our mini-documentary… The 10-minute documentary Racy Kamhi: “I Skip Description” will be available next week.

Our 1.5-minute Teaser below will give you an idea about Racy‘s work, new exhibition and about her personality. A tiny hint… There is a link between the shot where the camera dips into the paint bowl and my Metaphysical Manifesto. Just wanted to put that out there…

“I don’t believe painting is a disappearing profession…” comments Racy Kamhi, as she completes the last-minute preparations for her new exhibition I Skip Descriptions. Then, which professions actually disappear? What’s the relationship between these, space and memory? You’re welcome to discover the answers yourself on Thursday, September 27th, at 18:30, @PG Art Gallery‘s exhibition opening…

Our video includes the piece Tropics of Love from the 2002 album Amore del Tropico of the Black Heart Procession, released by Touch and Go Records. This is one of the pieces Racy listens most, while creating…

Author: bilgincan

Murat Can Bilgincan is a Turkish journalist and filmmaker who has worked for CNN and on PBS' "Frontline." Bilgincan holds a bachelor's degree from Yale College and a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School. He teaches an independent journalism seminar at Koc University in Istanbul.

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