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Hasan Gulesci’s Sea Shells

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Hasan Gulesci is the 1st CEO of the Sabanci Group, one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates. He is like a father to me. Although Mr. Gulesci has always taken his hobbies seriously, he has transformed them into a true passion soon after retirement. Especially, his sea shell collection…

I followed Mr. Gulesci around and interviewed him about life, success and sea shells. Please make sure that you have turned Close Captioning on, and enjoy my first VideoBlog…

NOTE: Ipad and Iphone users are kindly invited to visit, after ticking “Always Show Captions” from the Playback submenu of their YouTube Settings.


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Author: bilgincan

Murat Can Bilgincan is a Turkish journalist and filmmaker who has worked for CNN and on PBS' "Frontline." Bilgincan holds a bachelor's degree from Yale College and a master’s degree from Columbia Journalism School. He teaches an independent journalism seminar at Koc University in Istanbul.

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